Fareham Borough Council has announced upcoming improvement works being undertaken on the airfield at Solent Airport.

A programme of work to install Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) at the airport will enable aircraft to land at the airport as planned. Despite poor weather or after dark.  It will allow the airport to remain open from 9am to 6pm throughout the year, rather than having to close much earlier in the winter months due to poor light and provide certainty throughout the grey, winter months that aircraft will be able to land and take off regardless of changes in the weather.

This significant development will strengthen the airport’s role at the heart of Fareham’s economy and will continue to attract highly skilled new jobs into the Borough.

The Council has appointed Dyer and Butler to carry out this complex work, which is already underway and should be complete in the summer ready for the autumn.  The lights will only be illuminated when aircraft require them to land and will not affect the restrictions currently in place that limit the number of flights after dark and before midnight to 10.

Euro Flight Training, a leading flying school providing instruction for private and commercial pilots, welcomes the installation of AGL at Solent Airport. Owner, Valentino Kadirzade, said: “This development signifies a monumental step forward for our flying school and the broader aviation industry. It will unlock a new realm of possibilities for our students and instructors alike, empowering them to pursue their passion for flying with heightened convenience and safety.”

Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council, said: “This investment in AGL underlines Fareham Borough Council’s commitment to fostering innovation and progress at Solent Airport. By embracing technological advancements, Solent Airport is poised to solidify its position as a premier hub for aviation training and operations in the region. I am delighted that we have managed to see this game-changing step forward finally come to fruition.”

Further information on AGL can be found at www.fareham.gov.uk/daedalus.