Gosport Heritage Open Days is hosting three events during the festival focusing on Gibraltar and its connections with Gosport and the
UK. These talks will cover how Gibraltar’s history and location in the Mediterranean has impacted upon its history, heritage and culture.. Particular focus will be given to Gibraltar’s rich history of military engagement and the role it has played over the last 320 years as part of the British Empire and Commonwealth.

The talks will also cover the work the Friends of Gibraltar do to help preserve Gibraltar’s heritage and its captivating past.

People with connections to ‘The Rock’, who served in the forces, have lived there or have friends and family there are invited to share their memories and submit questions to be covered during the 1.5 hour event which will include up to 30 mins of Q & A’s and discussions.

The first event No 64 is on Friday 8 September at 1830 when there will be a live webinar , accessible to people anywhere in the world!  No booking is needed, it will be available from a link on the event page.

Event No 67 is a recording of that webinar which will be accessible to view 24 hours per day during the festival. This is to suit people from different time zones. No booking is needed, just a click on the link on the event page.

At Event No 22 on 14 September at 1830, the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society’s Marketing and Engagement Director, Len Goss, and acclaimed military history speaker, Rupert Hague-Holmes, will come to the Hornet Services Sailing Club to discuss the Gibraltar connection in person .  The audience will be very welcome to visit the Bar afterwards to buy a beer and a bite in Hornet’s Clubhouse and informally discuss memories of Gibraltar with the speakers. Booking for this in person talk in Gosport is essential via the Gosport Heritage Open Days website.

Questions or photos can be sent to – info@gosportheritage.co.uk to be covered during the talk and discussions.

Len Goss and Rupert Hague Holmes said: “We are both honoured to have this opportunity to share an evening with Gibraltar lovers and those wanting to know more about this very small but significant and unique nation and its fascinating rich heritage. Be prepared to come away with lots of “I didn’t know that about Gibraltar stories!”

Terry Rhodes, Chair of Gosport Heritage Open Days said: “Like so many others from Forces families, I was one of those connections, with my father and later my husband and I both stationed on the Rock, 30 years apart!  Gosport and Gibraltar share a lifestyle, history and military associations reaching back through centuries.  Those links will ensure that we remain connected way into the future.  Now people with interest in Gibraltar can explore those connections thanks to The Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society”.