A vital £1.2m project to fix the damaged seawall at Stokes Bay and protect the area from flooding has been approved by Gosport Borough councillors.

The 135m stretch of seawall and promenade was badly damaged by Storm Eunice in February 2022 and is currently fenced off.

Funding of £1.2m for the scheme has been secured, including £450,000 from Gosport Borough Council, and on Wednesday 10 January, borough councillors voted unanimously to proceed and appoint a contractor for the work.

The failed section of coastal wall and damaged promenade will now be replaced to protect Stokes Bay Road and its neighbouring infrastructure.

Gosport Borough Council leader Peter Chegwyn said: “The Stokes Bay Seawall was built in the 1970s and despite our regular maintenance and investment, it’s failed several times over recent years in bad weather.

“It’s crucial that we protect our beautiful coastal areas so people can enjoy them now and into the future, so I’m delighted we can now quickly proceed with this important project.”

A procurement process will take place to appoint a contractor for the works, which are due to start in May and finish in September, protecting the area ahead of next winter.

A successful joint bid for Local Levy funding between Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire County Council secured £759,317, with Hampshire contributing a further £50,000.