Landing in the wake of the announcement of Lava La Rue’s eagerly awaited debut album, ‘STARFACE’ this Summer, and previous vulnerable offering “Humanity”, Lava’s new single “LOVEBITES” is a self confessed ‘insufferable gay anthem’. A truly addictive track “LOVEBITES” sees Lava musing over the fact her ‘girlfriend has a boyfriend’ – it’s a queer love song that the young artist craved growing up, especially in an alt music space. Speaking on the track, Lava states:

“Lovebites is about being a lover’s lover. In the context of the album it’s about a gender fluid alien falling in love with a human girl who has a boyfriend. I amalgamated my own experiences with the love triangle you see in Doctor Who between the Doctor, Rose (Billie Piper) and Mickey (Noel Clarke). “

“The whole song with all the lyrics/storyline/epic melodies was pretty much completed within an hour of its conception in West Hollywood at Aaron’s (Apob) house. I was in a really prince-y mood and once Aaron layed down that bassline & drums then put a microphone in my hand whole song just started pouring out of me like a confession”

The new single also accompanies the exciting news of Lava supporting Remi Wolf on her “Big Ideas” tour in the USA this Autumn.

‘STARFACE’ is a conceptual psychedelic sci-fi romance album, centered around the narrative of an eponymous gender-fluid musical space alien sent to planet Earth to study the reasons why humans are so self-destructive. This thematic exploration adds an intriguing layer to the album, promising listeners an immersive experience that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional music storytelling.

This album could only have been born from Lava, a one-of-a-kind artist with little interest in retreading familiar ground. “The thing about debuting young is that I’ve gone through puberty publicly,” they reflect. “I feel like now I’m debuting my actual career. With albums, the conversation’s different.” They’re setting out a true statement of intent. Creatively, they’re thinking ahead, too. “I’m just pushing everything,” they say, plainly. There’s always the impulse to try, to strive. There’s always the plan. “I don’t know what the reason to life is, but all I know is that in this time I want to learn as much as possible and live as many lives as possible. And maybe this album can help me do that.”

‘STARFACE’ is scheduled for release in July 2024. As Lava La Rue’s debut LP, it is undoubtedly set to make a significant impact on the music landscape, solidifying their status as an ever-growing artist to watch in 2024.

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