Gosport, UK (July 24, 2023) – Gosport Hospital Radio, is a volunteer-run radio station that provides entertainment and information for the patients and staff at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital, we have now launched a brand new website.

The new website, www.gosporthospitalradio.co.uk, features a redesigned user interface, improved navigation, and a wealth of new content. Visitors to the website can now listen to live streaming of the station, read news and features about Gosport Hospital Radio, and learn about how to get involved in the radio station.

“We are delighted to launch our site,” said Robert Whitbread, Chairman of Gosport Hospital Radio Station. “The new website is a great way for us to connect with our listeners and volunteers, and to share our work with the wider community at large.”

The new website was developed by Spinningdrum, a local web design company. “We are proud to have worked with Gosport Hospital Radio on their new website,” said Cliff Heaton, Owner of Spinningdrum. “The new website is a great way for Gosport Hospital Radio to reach a wider audience and to share their important work.”

The new site is now live and can be accessed at www.gosporthospitalradio.co.uk.

About Gosport Hospital Radio

Gosport Hospital Radio is a volunteer-run radio station that provides entertainment and information to patients and staff at Gosport War Memorial Hospital. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and features a variety of music, news, and features. Gosport Hospital Radio is funded by donations and fundraising events.

About Spinningdrum

Spinningdrum is a Eastleigh based web design company that specializes in creating websites for businesses and organizations in the Gosport area. The company has a team of experienced web designers and developers who are committed to creating high-quality websites that meet the needs of their clients.

By Kevin Richards images provided by pexels