A mum-of-two is sharing her life-changing transplant story for Organ Donation Week to encourage everyone to register their donor decision.

Just before her wedding at 23-years-old, Cerian Munn was diagnosed with Kidney Failure, picked up by a routine eye test. After a series of urgent tests and scans, she was told that due to undiagnosed high blood pressure, she only had an 8% of her kidney function left.

By taking blood pressure medication and attending regular blood tests and appointments at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cerian’s kidney function stayed at 15% function for the next seven years.

However, she struggled to work to due to exhaustion and was unable to have children, which resulted in depression.

Cerian explained: “My kidney function began to decline at the end of my twenties, and I was called in to discuss plans for dialysis.

“I was distraught and again highlighted my desire to have a family. I requested to be put on the transplant list for a pre-emptive transplant in the hopes that a kidney would come prior to needing dialysis and this was agreed.”

After a six-month wait, Cerian had a match. She underwent a rare double kidney transplant, which was a success, and regained full function.

She said: “I cannot put into words nine years later what this transplant has meant for me. I will never be able to thank the family enough who donated these kidneys to me.

“I now have two beautiful healthy children and still have over 90% kidney function, which is nothing short of a miracle.”

“From diagnosis to the present, I cannot fault the care I have received from the team at the Wessex Kidney Centre at Queen Alexandra Hospital and will forever thank them and the family who donated their relatives’ kidneys.”

Organ donation will only go ahead with the support of the family, which means it’s important to have a discussion with your loved ones and register your decision on the Organ Donor Register.

You are free to register or amend your organ donation decision at any time.

It takes 2 minutes to register and could save up to 9 lives.

Cerian added: “Kidney donation is vital and life changing, and I am in total awe of anyone who chooses to donate an organ to save someone or chooses a loved one’s organs to be donated at such a difficult time.”

You can register and find out more here: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/