Earlier this month we asked you to send us to send us your worse jokes. Praying that your jokes wouldn’t be so bad that we would not be able to publish them. So here we go here are some of the jokes that got sent in to us and i hope it cheers up your day a little bit.

I’d tell you the one about the wall but you wouldn’t be able to get over it! by Holly Mason

Knock knock, Who’s there, Doctor, Doctor who, You just said it. by Vickki Thomson
I’ve got one about butter too but you’d only spread it. by Holly Mason
Pull your top at the neck and look down at you chest. Now spell out the letters for attic. by Victoria Anne
Whats the difference between iron man and iron woman, One is a super hero the other is a command. by Mick Harley
Two people waiting at a bus stop. 1 says to the other “How long do you think this bus is going to be?” The other one replied “About 38 feet” by Jimmy Bond
What do you call a man with a number plate on his head? …… Reg. by James Morgan
I asked for a lobster while eating out, when it was served it only had one claw, i asked the waiter what happened to the other claw, he told me that it was lost in a fight, i said ,well, bring me the winner!!! by David Smith
Man walks into a bar. Sees a Giraffe lying on the floor. Asks the bartender, “ What’s that lying’ on the floor?” Bartender says “that’s not a Lion that’s a Giraffe❤️🤣😵‍💫 by Theresa Pugh
I was out driving the other day and I spotted two packets of cheese & onion crisps walking down the road. I said, “Do you want a lift”. “No thanks”, they replied, “We’re Walkers”.
Two cows in a field. One say to other “I was artificially inseminated yesterday”. The other replys ” What ! Straight up no bull”. by Bob Richards
I went to a restaurant and ordered the Octopus. The waiter said it takes 4hrs. I asked why so long. He said. ‘We boil them fresh while they’ll are still alive, and they keep turning the gas off. by Jerry Rawlings
What’s the difference between a casual dinner party and a pirate orgy? In the first one, you come as you are, in the second, you ‘arrr’ as you…😂 by Danielle Groves
Why did Napoleon change his socks at the Battle of Waterloo? Because he could smell defeat 👃🏽👣🤣 by Alain Muriel
Not a joke but my favourite funny quote:
If you think life’s bad imagine you were an egg 🥚
You only get laid once
You only get smashed once and the only person that’s sits on your face is your mother 🫣😂😂 makes me chuckle 🤣 by Lou K Barlow
Walked past the fridge the other day and thought I could hear Bee Gees music, I opened the fridge and realised it was just the Chives Talking by Steve Boyd